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The older I become the more and more I realize that, I WAS WRONG! All those things I believed about how life and love worked...were just wrong.

I wrote this site for my kids. I'm not gonna leave them my best truck without leaving them the keys as well. Same with life. I want to leave with them the best gift I can possibly leave them...my discoveries of the keys to a rich, joyful, bodacious & Sassy life! And hey, if it's good 'nough for my kids, then by golly there's gotta be value in it for you as well, my friend. God continually teaches you and me about life, and it's our job to pass it on to each other like a hot tater.

There's so much dawg-gone life out there waitin' for you and for me! And the more complex I try and make my own life, the more I realize that...it's all about the simple stuff. And my answers seem to always be found in common, plain horse sense. Know what I mean?

You & I were each created with something great in mind. Something specific. Something special. And all your answers are built right inside ya. Yep that's right, factory installed. We've both been carrying all our answers around with us. And here I'm just reminding you of what you already know. Think about it. Have you noticed that, the solutions to your life are usually simpler than you thought? When you get past the stinkin' thinkin' and whittle it all down to the truth... Whether you're seeking Love, Success, Peace, Joy or simply making sense of it all...it's dawgone plain horse sense! How many times have you said... "I knew that"!

Miracles happen in our lives as we get back to the simple basic truth. When you just get back to Being Yourself.

Here's the WHAT, WHY
& the WHO of this site...

First, the WHAT:

It's a "good news" site. A "Power-filled" site. A breath of fresh air. A solid, effective resource of cleverly crafted tools for you and your life. A trip back to full circle, back to you. Back to God. Back to who you are and what's important to you. Back to the stuff you already knew...I'm just reminding you of who you are, and there, my friend, you'll find the keys to the bigger 'n better life.

I want you to be all that God had in mind for you the second He popped you outta the oven. I want you to experience the joys of living life more awake and "on purpose".

So the "what" of this site is
simply an invitation for you to
get back to being
all that you are! Oh yeah!!

The WHY?

If I'm clear on one thing, I'm clear that we're all created and wired to make a difference, big or small. And I'm feelin' the heat baby! What God has been so patiently teaching me, I just gotta pass it on like a hot tater! I haven't met you and yet I desire your Best. For some darn reason I'm passionate about this stuff. And so this site has one and only one purpose: To help you succeed in life. And this is my contribution.

The WHO? 



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